Why inventure awake

A venture capital company succeeds only when its entrepreneurs succeed –and entrepreneurs succeed more easily when they engage with successful peers and VCs. At Inventure, we bring key actors together to support growth with an always accessible platform: Awake. 

Inventure Awake is born as a project to complement Inventure's other the value added activities. We believe that the VC world will be evolving in the coming years towards more transparent and collaborative models. We want to position ourselves at the forefront of this change by providing tangible advantages to our portfolio companies. 

Awake will evolve over time based on feedback from our entrepreneurs and management teams. Our goal is to create a useful resource helping our portfolio companies' management teams save time, find useful information and learn. We envision an entrepreneur logging into Awake to check the steps s/he needs to take to organise the Annual General Meeting. Or a COO attending one of our webinars to better understand the TEKES process or discuss best practices and pitfalls in hiring. We also encourage CTOs to discuss technical challenges on Slack and, overall, teams helping each other to grow. 



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