Annual General Meeting Cheat Sheet 

This cheat sheet aims at giving general guidance in the organisation of your Annual General Meeting (AGM). Rules might change depending on the country, the guidelines below are based on Finnish Law. Changes in requirements might occur depending on your Articles of Associations. Always consult your Articles of Associations to be fully in compliance with your company's rules.


NOTE: A Finnish company is required to prepare all official documentations in Finnish or Swedish. It is good practice to prepare the material in English as well. 


Before the meeting

  • Set date and place 
    • Date: your Articles of Associations outline the maximum and minimum notice to give to your shareholders. The notice period is usually a maximum of four weeks and minimum of one week
    • Place: unless otherwise agreed with all shareholders, the AGM should take place in the area or city of the company's headquarters.
  • Prepare (template below) and send out the invitations.
  • Prepare the financial statements and other material. The material should be available for shareholders at the company's premises one week prior to the AGM.


  • Open the meeting and elect: 
    • Chairman of the meeting (usually Chairman of the Board)
    • Secretary: the person who will take minutes of the meeting 
    • Scrutinisers: one or two individuals who will review the minutes, verify quorum and votes
  • Follow your agenda as communicated to the shareholders in the AGM invitation
  • Close the meeting


  • The Secretary will prepare the minutes of the meeting (template above)
  • The minutes will need to be signed by the Chairman of the meeting, the Secretary and the Scrutinisers
  • If any board change or any other change took place during the meeting it must be registered in the Company House (PRH in Finland)