As an Inventure portfolio company, you are entitled access to our network and the resources we can bring to help you and your team grow.  One helpful partner in our network is Amazon Web Services.

The AWS Startup Business Development (“AWS Startup BD”) team is comprised of former startup leaders, investors, and other professionals who actively help startup communities and ecosystems grow robustly all over the world.  The AWS Startup BD team co-invests in your company alongside us with AWS usage credits, people, time, expertise, technology, best practices, and relationships in an effort to remove obstacles and open doors on your behalf.

The following are a few AWS programs and resources that are available to you: 

AWS Activate is a program designed to support startups with credits, benefits and services making the AWS onboarding easier and risk free.  Perks Include: 

 Additionally, please take a look at the attached PDF titled “AWS Startup Quick Guide” to easily access helpful and relevant information.

To redeem your AWS credit, please do the following:

  1. Visit

  2. Fill in the form with your company’s information.

  3. In the “Organization ID (case sensitive)” line you will need to input Inventure’s code. Contact for the code.

  4. For the credit option, please select “$100,000 for 1 Year” only if you can reasonably foresee your company utilizing that amount of cloud usage in the next year.  Otherwise, select “$15,000 for 2 Years.” 

 Approval for credits should occur within a few days.  You will see the credit availability on your AWS portal.

Please reach out to Anthony Herman (, Venture Capital Business Development manager at AWS, if you have any questions regarding these programs.