Board Meeting Best Practices

Board Meetings are highly subjective to the company's business and growth stage. However, some best practices and guidelines are common across industries and sizes. 

The guidelines below are a collection of best practices we found in our portfolio. Always discuss with your Board Members the preferred format of the meeting,



Board Meeting structure:

  • Agenda

  • Action points from last Board Meeting highlighting:

    • Completed

    • Pending

  • CEO updates - the big picture

    • Vision

    • Market updates

  • Company updates - last month's updates

    • Organisation updates (Partnerships, R&D, HR, etc...)

    • Monthly results

    • Sales pipeline

    • Financials & Funding needs

  • Next quarter strategy - the big opportunity

    • Upcoming relevant issues

    • Next targets and how to reach them

  • Other issues & decisions

  • New action points for next Board Meeting

board meeting .jpg

Board meeting template

Download the board meeting template from the button below. Please note that, depending on your growth stage and industry, changes might apply.



  • Share the material with the Board Members prior to the meeting.

  • Start on time and go through the action points effectively.

  • Highlight the recent past but focus on the future. The goal is to outline the strategy for the coming months to reach the company's vision.

  • At the end of the meeting outline the action points for the next Board Meeting and make sure they are shared by the Board Members.

  • Don't be a stranger. The Board Meeting is not the only time to talk with us. We are here to help the entrepreneur thoroughout the month, not only an afternoon meeting.