Executive Search


Hiring an executive is an important moment for the company and should be done with methodic attention (good approach outlined here).

Head hunters help companies in identifying, hiring and retaining top talent to boost growth. We often work with several head hunters both in Finland and abroad and we are happy to help our entrepreneurs in the process of choosing and managing an head hunter. Here are a few of our favourite head hunters to work with: 

Ask for reference to Inventure team and the other portfolio companies. Each firm has its own strengths, depending on who you need to hire we might be able to address you to the most suitable contact.

Never hired an executive search before? Check out the guidelines provided by Gillamor Stephens. It should give you a good overview of the process, the pitfalls of the process and help you manage the expectations.

Not hiring C-level executives?

Toughbyte does tech recruitment of mid and senior level developers for full-time and contract positions

Qasvu specialises in quick and efficient entry and junior level recruitments in Finland and Sweden.