orientating in the fundraising jungle

Fundraising is a tricky business and here we are trying to simplify it a bit. Below you will find a list of useful resources that can support you during your fundraising process.


Sources of funding

We do not want to re-invent the wheel. The Hub (Danske Bank initiative) has created an effective interface to screen amongst tech investors. 

Make sure to target funds investing in your industry and at your growth stage. Feel free to ask us if you need any question or you believe we could help introducing you to the right person. 

How to pitch to Inventure

Ever wandered what our screening process looks like? Check out our approach to dealflow screening and familiarise with the different steps of the funding round. 

Fundraising rounds can be complex processes. Feel free to ask at what stage of the pipeline you are at to manage your expectations and understand what to expect in the next meetings.


Pitch decks & DD

The best way to get inspiration for your pitch deck? Learn from someone who already made it.

Check out these decks from companies who succeeded in the fundraising rounds to fine tune your presentation and prepare a more effective deck.

Public funding

The Nordic and Baltic ecosystem is actually quite effective in supporting growth companies through public funding. 

We feature some good material regarding Finnish public funding initiatives and the grants available to startups. We will add other countries in the coming months.


Debt funding

Equity and grants are not the only source of capital in the market. We have gathered some information about Nordea's debt funding programme and how that can help startups grow.

Ping us for an introduction to the right Nordea's representative if you would like to know more.


⚠VC Network 

One of Inventure's core activities is to help our portfolio companies to raise additional funding and support international growth. 

Check out our database of international investors and let us know who you would like us to connect you with. 

This section is reserved to Inventure's portfolio companies.