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There are several factors affecting the level of salary and equity compensation in a startup. It is not possible to create a hard rule, however, there are a few best practices (you can find an insightful HR repository on a16z) and benchmarking that could come in handy when hiring new employees in the company. Here are a few of them:

US and Europe-based standard they tend to have different compensation levels. However, you can find interesting information about the C-level compensation in a sample of 1568 private companies in the 2016 Executive Compensation Trends report. 

Median Salary by Developer Type

Source: Stackoverflow 2018 Talent in the Nordics report 

Read the rest of the report:

Additional resources: Stack Overflow Salary Calculator

Average Developer salary per country (USD, 2015)

The European Talent Landscape - Balderton Capital


We have run a small study in the Finnish startup environment to map the average salary level as well as the standard benefit packages for startup founders and employees. Check it out to discover more what kind of packages are in use in the local ecosystem.


Job Boards

Specific C-level positions in a company are most likely filled through a head hunter or specific network. Job Boards, however, come in handy when it comes to more general positions. 

Inventure plays an active role in supporting the HR processes in our portfolio companies through on our network. 

Inventure constantly scouts for new talent for our portfolio company through our community and direct network. We ping the most relevant profile to the portfolio companies based on the growth needs. 

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