NOTE: The templates below are provided by different legal firms. The templates are guidelines to simplify everyday's problems for the entrepreneurs. As any legal template, however, each company might need to adjust them to a specific situation. We are happy to get you in touch with the legal firm for further discussion.

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Virtual Lawyer as a service

The Virtual Lawyer legal databank contains a total of over 1700 business-related articles in both Finnish and English. 

Inventure's portfolio companies also benefit from free access to over 150 business-related contract templates and checklists.

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Castren & Snellman

Corporate Governance

Castrén & Snellman was founded in the late spring of 1888.

The company has over 250 people and offices in Helsinki, Moscow and St Petersburg. In other parts of the world, they work with an extensive international network of law firms.

Castren & Snellman has provided free templates to Inventure's portfolio companies covering corporate governance issues. 

Important note:

The templates provided herein for the use of the Inventure’s platform companies on the Awake platform are intended to be used exclusively as templates and Castrén & Snellman does not accept any liability under any circumstances for the templates or the use of the templates whatsoever. We recommend the companies using the templates to always contact Castrén & Snellman when using the templates. The templates are exclusively intended for the use of those Inventure’s portfolio companies having permitted access to the Awake platform. Any kind of distribution of the templates to a third party not having permitted access to the Awake platform is, without the written permission of Castrén & Snellman, prohibited.


HR & Recruitment

Lexia is a Finnish law firm with over 50 legal professionals.

Lexia is a member of the Meritas Law Firms Worldwide alliance. The alliance of independent, full-service law firms operates in 234 global markets and has 176 offices around the world.

Lexia has provided free templates to Inventure's portfolio companies covering HR & recruitment as well as Terms & Conditions template for SaaS  issues. 

You can download the templates here on the left.

Legal notice:

This template and the information it contains have been prepared and provided by Lexia Attorneys Ltd for informational and general purposes only. This template and/or any information on this template do not constitute or contain legal advice of any kind. Receipt of any template, information or materials from this template and/or Inventure Awake website does not constitute any attorney-client or other professional relationship.

This template is not a substitute for professional consultation and advice, generally or in a particular case. Anyone viewing the template should not act upon it without consulting a qualified lawyer. If you need legal advice and a lawyer, please contact Lexia Attorneys Ltd.

This template is provided on an “as is” basis i.e. without any warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding the availability, completeness, correctness or accuracy of the information on this template or regarding the fitness of such information for any particular purpose.

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