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There are several factors affecting the level of salary and equity compensation in a startup. It is not possible to create a hard rule, however, there are a few best practices (you can find an insightful HR repository on a16z) and benchmarking that could come in handy when hiring new employees in the company. Here are a few of them:

US and Europe-based standard they tend to have different compensation levels. However, you can find interesting information about the C-level compensation in a sample of 1568 private companies in the 2016 Executive Compensation Trends report. 

Average Developer salary per country (USD, 2015)

The European Talent Landscape - Balderton Capital

We are also working on gathering and analysing data from our portfolio companies to create a more relevant dataset and identify the correct industry and market standards. 

New resources: Stack Overflow Salary Calculator

Job Boards

Specific C-level positions in a company are most likely filled through a head hunter or specific network. Job Boards, however, come in handy when it comes to more general positions. 

Inventure plays an active role in supporting the HR processes in our portfolio companies through on our network and job board. 

Inventure constantly scouts for new talent for our portfolio company through our job portal and direct network. We keep the job board updated with the positions you post on your sites on talk to us about. Feel free to reach out directly if there are some position you are particularly eager to fill. 

Executive search

Hiring an executive is an important moment for the company and should be done with methodic attention (good approach outlined here).

Inventure insights on hiring an executive search firm

Head hunters help companies in identifying, hiring and retaining top talent to boost growth. We often work with several head hunters both in Finland and abroad and we are happy to help our entrepreneurs in the process of choosing and managing an head hunter. Here are a few of our favourite head hunters to work with: 

Ask for reference to Inventure team and the other portfolio companies on Slack from the button below. We will be happy to discuss further. 


Employment agreement templates

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Work tools for managers 



An option pool is a number of shares of stock reserved for issuance to service providers (e.g. employees) of a company pursuant to options and other equity incentives.

Click the link below to access our option pool resources.

re:Work is an effort by Google and others to help share and push forward the practice and research of data-driven HR. 

re:Work contains several useful guides and case studies in the field of HR, recruitment and employee development. The initiative has recently shared new interesting material on several subject such as: