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Recruitment service for entry and junior level recruitments. The following material is provided by Qasvu team. 


Qasvu in Brief

Qasvu specialises in quick and efficient entry and junior level recruitments in Finland and Sweden. Qasvu’s focus is currently on all types of business operations such as HR, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Communications, Design etc.

Hiring young talent is a process that should be taken seriously. A smooth recruitment process is also very important from an employer brand perspective. A company who mismanages the recruitment process can quickly find themselves having a bad reputation at their target groups or universities. A typical example of mismanagement would be to fail to properly communicate with candidates during each step of the recruitment process.

Qasvu sees that certain criteria should always be met when deciding to take on a new junior level employee. In short, the candidate should always:

  1. Have the skill sets you are looking for
  2. Bring energy, innovative ideas and have a high level of ambition
  3. Fit well with your company’s culture

Young professionals are also typically very hard to retain, therefore, having a partner that can effectively find candidates that will both succeed and enjoy working at your company can make a big difference.

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Qasvu Network Model

To find suitable and qualified candidates quickly Qasvu builds extensive networks across universities consisting of both students and alumni. Qasvu has paid and schooled ambassadors, which are normally very social and socially smart students at the end of their studies, across universities. Ambassadors actively pre-interview students/alumni in order to understand the person’s:

  • Academic, professional and extra-curricular background
  • Professional skill-set & competencies
  • Social & communication capabilities
  • Personal and professional interests
  • Personality traits
  • Development and career goals
  • Energy drivers, motivation and ambition
  • Relevant professional preferences, e.g. type of responsibilities, team structure, culture, company characteristics etc...

By understanding all factors written above, Qasvu also knows how to bring the company’s story and employer value proposition to candidates that have the qualities the company is looking for.

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Process Overview

As your recruitment partner Qasvu promotes your company, pre-screens candidates, interviews the most promising candidates and presents detailed profiles to the company. Beyond utilizing the very extensive Qasvu networks, Qasvu also uses all available public information to ensure that the right candidate is found. The Qasvu team is also very flexible can work in a wide variety of ways that fit the company the best; Qasvu is very experienced in ad-hoc recruitments and know that companies cannot always predict their staffing needs in advance.

Below is an overview what a typical process might look like: 

  1. Kick-off meeting where we discuss your business, growth story, culture, what you are looking for in candidates and in what timetable.
  2. Qasvu matches potential candidates the Qasvu way, i.e. via our career aspiration networks.
  3. Qasvu meets candidates and presents your story and culture and mutually discuss the position and promote the opportunities that would interest this specific candidate in question. We thereafter conduct a competence and personality interview. 
  4. Qasvu provides extensive final candidate profiles to client with clear rationale to why and how to retain this candidate. Potential questions marks and tips are also included in the profile.
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    Qasvu normally works on a 100% contingent model, meaning you only pay when you hire one of their candidates. The pricing is between 15-20% of the candidate’s annual salary, depending on the requirements, timing urgency and other relevant factors.

    • 50% paid at the start of the employment contract
    • 50% paid after 3 months
    • Trial period warranty: if the employment contract ends before the trial period has ended, however no longer than 6 months since the start of the employment, 50% of the total commission will be paid back
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