Strategy - the core of the vc work

A lot of our time is invested in supporting our portfolio companies and helping the founders in different stages of their growth phase. A big part of that work is on ad hoc, personal basis. But we have noticed some issues keep coming back in different companies at different times. The resources below are aimed at standardizing some of the topics we discussed weekly with our entrepreneurs. 



The importance of sales should really go without say. We put together a few interesting resources to support you in this process.

Discuss any sales specific topic, check out the tools and service providers best practices in the portfolio as well quality certification processes.


You can only improve what you measure, and measuring the right thing with the right scale is crucial for any business.

Feel free to use the resources from the link below to work on your KPIs, add new metrics or double check your current tracking methods if needed. 



Cap table, annual general meetings and option pools are simple but important tasks. Keep everything organised with our checklists and guidelines. 

Keep everything well organise and be sure to run the right simulations before important decisions.


Go through your check list for the board meeting and make sure you keep your board members informed and engaged.

Please note that there is no one size fit all solution for board meeting reporting. Each entrepreneur and investor might have her/his own favourite format.



We work with our portfolio companies to build a plan with short, medium and long term visibility on the business.

An overview of the expectations and clear action points are key for the company's growth. 

This section is reserved to Inventure's portfolio companies.


Events are an important opportunity to build network and knowledge. 

We often organise theme specific event for our portfolio companies to share best practices and boost growth.

This section is reserved to Inventure's portfolio companies.