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Toughbyte does tech recruitment of mid and senior level developers for full-time and contract positions, both for onsite and remote work.





Established in 2015 with 15 employees, Toughbyte helps companies find the best technical talent, quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you’re looking for full-time or contract developers, want someone local or remote, we have you covered. Clients include startups and corporates in Finland, Europe and the US.



With over a hundred successful assignments, ten recruiters, network of dozens of developers and access to a wider pool of contractors, we have the processes in place to deliver. This means simple, yet flexible contracts and excellent communications throughout your project.


Tech expertise

As developers themselves, we can spot the best talent and evaluate their tech skills


Relocation experience

By considering people open to relocation, we can reach many more developers


Community involvement

We’ve started the biggest developer communities in Russia and Finland, so have access to the most active software engineers

Key figures

10,000 + 

candidates in database


positions filled



candidates to close position


About the process

  1. Toughbyte Interview. We interview the candidate, presenting your company, position and country as a place to work.
  2. Candidate Intro. If they are a good fit, we email you their CV together with our comments, highlighting relevant areas of experience and expectations.
  3. First Remote Interview. If you want to proceed, we help schedule the first interview. We recommend that you keep this pretty short and use video. Make sure the candidate is a good culture fit and get them excited about working for you.
  4. Remote Tech Interview. This is your chance to test the candidate’s technical skills. We recommend interactive tech interviews.
  5. Onsite Interviews. We suggest inviting candidates for onsite interviews before making them an offer. After these, you have all the info you need to make an offer.



Week 0: Kick-off call

We introduce the recruiter and collect all the info we need on the company and position in a 30-minute call

Week 2: First candidate sent

We start active search immediately after the kick-off call and quickly present the first candidates

Week 6: Offer accepted

We adjust the search criteria based on your feedback and fill the position after showing around five candidates

Week 10: Candidate starts

We help with applying for a work permit and other formalities needed for the candidate to start working with you


  • No upfront fees – We charge a success fee only when the candidate has received a residence permit and signed an employment contract
  • Free replacement – If you decide to part with the candidate on the trial period, we resume the search at no extra cost
  • Non-exclusivity – We are happy to work alongside in-house recruiters or other agencies, so you can fill your positions faste


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